this is d/m/y btw!

hhi welcome 7o 7hhe blog!! i jus7 crea7ed 7hhis sec7ion so wa7chh whhere u s7ep! 7hhanks for coming :]

- 17/5/24 hhi!!1!1! firs7 en7ry yay wow :333 uhhhhhh ummmmm i <3 my matesprit >

- 17/5/24 goddamit i accidentally deleted the abt me what the fuck uhghugkgmnghmngmhn,mfgnh,mfnghmnf,ghnmfgnfdb what the sigma

- 24/5/24 hholy crud we are BACK BI7CHHES!!!! anyways 7hhe abou7 me is back and i will link i7 soon on 7hhe hhomepage, bu7 fur now we jus7 be chhilen.