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Welcome 7o HH's silly space!!

hhi guys, jus7 wanna say that im probably gonna be taking a break from the site until around early september (???) but yeah probably not gonna be doing much here for a while

look at this awesome website said awesome webbed site

genuinely trust wikepidia, it's a reliable source and a fun place in general.

this site is best seen on a 16x9 screen at 100% for most browsers :3 <33

about me:::::::::::::::::::::::::: 1. FRIEND OF THE WORM!!!! 2. COMPLETELY INSANE!!! 3: I HAVE HAD 2378 LOBOTOMIES!!! 4: I LVOE NIRBANANANANA

my links! MY LINKS!! hhave my BEAU7IFUL links!!!!!!!!!! here u go :P

Go visit AD's site!! they helped me make this! (7hheir typing quirk is extra L's and 0's instead of o's like suchh: helll0! im a very silllllly guy!)

hhere is 7hhe ac7ual abou7 me sec7ion :3 (!!includes dni, please read!!)

and if u wan7, hheres 7hhe blog!

have a great time here!! please enjoy :]

here, have a rezi




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